Work Experience

BlackBerry Limited – Senior Professional Services Consultant

San Ramon, CA: June 2015 – Present

  • Global subject matter expert (SME) of EFSS solution, Workspaces
    • Recognized globally as the leading technical product expert
  • Designed and deployed highly-available production-ready Workspaces solutions for multiple Fortune 500 companies and government branches
  • Delivered multiple on-site technical product training sessions (created material, lab environments, and delivered training)
    • Training was provided to both customers, sales teams, and technical teams
    • Over 20 trainings conducted in 7 different countries
  • Installed Workspaces on RHEL 6 and 7 and Windows Server 2012 R2 through Server 2019.
    • Product was installed on a variety of backend infrastructure including bare metal, ESXi, Hyper-V, AWS, and Azure
  • Installed and configured Nginx, Tomcat, MySQL, SaltStack, Bind DNS, Postfix, and IIS as part of product installation
  • Performed role of System Administrator of VMware lab environment
    • The lab environment was used by all internal technical consultants until formally adopted and expanded by BlackBerry.
  • Designed and documented detailed network flow diagrams and firewall rulesets for customers and Sales teams
  • Lead pre-sales POCs from design to completed sale for SMBs, Fortune 500s, and government branches
  • Troubleshooted technical issues and coordinated resolution with Product and Development teams
  • Created customer-facing documentation, installation documents, and environmental design documents
  • Multiple on-site engagements to at-risk customers resulting in $500,000+ annual revenue saved
  • Primary global Workspaces technical resource for Sales and Deployment teams


1 x Silver STAR

2 x Bronze STAR

  • Silver STAR award was earned for going above and beyond to ensure the completion of a significant sales engagement in another country requiring multiple technical troubleshooting sessions and afterhours support.
  • Bronze STAR award was earned for supporting team members through an exceptionally tricky afterhours Support issue.
  • Bronze STAR award was earned for exceptional customer feedback following an on-site customer engagement.

WatchDox, Inc. – Technical Account Manager/ Technical Support Engineer

Palo Alto, CA: November 2012 – June 2015

  • Techical Account Manager for over 40 simultaneous accounts (including all on-premises SMBs)
  • Recognized leader of WatchDox Connector and SAML integrations.
    • I designed and deployed every WatchDox Connector solution and the majority of customer SAML integrations
  • Installed and configured IIS
    • IIS required SSL certificates, for which I created CSRs, submitted to CAs, and installed in IIS
    • Self-signed certificates could also be used. Managed local trust store to allow self-signed certificates within WatchDox application
  • Developed integration with third-party SAML providers
    • Wrote the majority of customer-facing documentation around SAML and helped influence product direction regarding SAML 2.0
    • Created and documented the SAML integration procedure for over 15 SAML identity providers
  • Managed installation of 0-day vulnerability fixes, such as Heartbleed, across all managed accounts
  • Represented sales in on-site customer engagements to save at-risk customers
  • Worked with sales teams to successfully upsell existing customers
  • Managed and troubleshooted product support cases using SalesForce alongside support team